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Welsh @ CRC

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Criw Cymraeg

‘Criw Cymraeg’ consists of children from Y2 -Y6. You may have spotted us around the school in our red hoodies! We monitor the use of the Welsh language in our school and offer support to teachers/pupils if necessary. We also introduce the ‘Patrwm yr Wythnos’ each week in our whole school assembly.

Welsh website links

The links below will direct you to some Welsh activities/games that can be enjoyed at home. Don’t forget to be SMART when surfing the net! (‘Article 19 of the UNCRC – You have the right to be kept safe’)

Hwb Welsh links:

Unit 1 The House https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/resources/resource/9ff9f407-746e-4e90-97fe-f5a030aa2189/en

Unit 2 Food https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/resources/resource/09c8ecae-1583-461a-8a22-abc658a0ecbf/en

Unit 3 Sport and Leisure https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/resources/resource/777581cd-597a-44db-929a-1379f742c275/en

Unit 4 Fashion https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/resources/resource/b2b799b5-f19e-4519-a71a-0df838695fb4/en

Unit 5 Holidays https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/resources/resource/a8ade6fa-d3be-4bd3-9598-175c81d9f82a/en

Unit 6 The School https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/resources/resource/9ac9c1f8-72df-4981-8716-e2a233ae89f0/en