The new curriculum at CRC

The New Curriculum at CRC

There are changes being made to the curriculum in Wales and in our school. Part of the new curriculum is ‘The Four Purposes’ – these are the aspirations for every child and young person in Wales.

What are the Four Purposes?

The Four Purposes are –

  1. Ambitious, Capable Learners – Skills which help us become young people who are ready to learn throughout our lives
  2. Enterprising, Creative Contributors – Skills which help us become ready to play a full part in life and work
  3. Ethical, Informed Citizens of Wales and the world – Skills which help us to know about the world around us
  4. Healthy, Confident Individuals – Skills which help us become ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

Why Do We Need to Know the Four Purposes?

The Four Purposes will become a part of everything we do at CRC. To help us remember what each purpose is, we had a school wide competition to create a mascot for each purpose. As you can imagine, we had lots of creative, vibrant and amazing ideas! It was very difficult for the Rights Respecting School Council members to judge the winners.

Introducing our Four Purposes Mascots

Each of our Four Purposes mascots is linked to our school mascot, Mr I Deer. We hope you like them and well done to our winners!

Introducing …

Ethically Informed Ethel

Ambitious Capable Anwen

Healthy Confident Hector

Enterprising Creative Enfys

See if you can find each of our mascots around the school… they are in lots of places!