Eco-Committee @ CRC Primary School 

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When do the Eco-Committee meet?

Eco committee takes place every Tuesday at lunch time with  Mrs Tumelty.

What do we do?

We look at ways to improve our school and its environment. We teach the pupils not to litter or to waste food and to respect the environment for future generations to come.

We have recently achieved our Platinum Eco Schools renewal award! The school has an agreed eco code which is renewed every year by our representatives. It is displayed all across the school in every classroom.

What do we do as a school?

Every class does a lot of work on global citizenship. We often raise money for local and worldwide charities and causes such as Comic Relief & Sports Relief, Children in Need, Water Aid and Fairtrade. Every year we look at and renew the different aspects of our action plan and we try and fulfil those aspects in the upcoming school year.

Who are our Eco-Committee?

This year, our Eco-Committee, as nominated by their class mates are …

Year 1 – Alina & Hadley

Year 2 – Olivia & Thea

Year 3 – Caius & Millie

Year 4 – Jude, Archie & Bella-Rose

Year 5 – Ella, Keelan & Levi

Year 6 – Casey-Jay & Jacob