The 4 Purposes and What They Mean for Us

Use this page to explore each of the 4 Purposes and what they mean for us in school.

Ethically Informed Ethel

I can find out about things and form my own opinion. ​
What is happening in the world today matters to me.​
I understand everyone has rights and responsibilities.​
I understand that my actions and behaviour can affect others. ​

I know about different people and places from the past and today. ​

I believe that we are all equal and unique.​
I love my planet and I want to look after it. 

Enfys The Enterprising Creative Contributor

I can use what I know and what I can do to make new things.​
I solve problems creatively.​

I see an opportunity and jump at the chance.​

I’m not afraid to take risks.​
I can work well as part of a team. ​

I can express my ideas and feelings in different ways.​
I have the confidence to perform. ​

I use my energy and skills to help others.​

Hector The Healthy Confident Individual

I have firm values and I am developing my own thoughts and beliefs.​

I talk about things I believe in.​

I respect myself and others.  ​

I make and keep friends because I respect them.​

I understand my own feelings and the feelings of others.  ​

I understand that mistakes help me to learn and I don’t give up.​
I know how to look for help on how to keep safe and well.​
I think carefully about my choices before making a decision.​
I perform in front of others. ​
I know how to be healthy and active, and I have a healthy diet.​
I enjoy a challenge. ​

I try to be independent and do things for myself. ​

Anwen The Ambitious Capable Learner

I enjoy challenges and try to be the best I can be. ​

I apply what I have learnt in lots of places and situations.​
I ask questions and enjoy solving problems. ​

I can express myself clearly using both English and Welsh.​
I can explain what I have learnt. ​

I use numbers in different situations.​
I use number skills to understand and explain data. ​

I use digital technologies in different ways.​

I find out about different things and think carefully about how to use the information. ​