Digital Whizz Kids


Hello! Shwmae!

We are the current Digital Whizz Kids for CRC Primary.

We thought about how we would like to be regarded as part of our school community. In the past we were called IT Wizards but we decided that we needed a new name and we came up with Digital Whizz Kids. We have developed a new logo and it will be added to this page soon.

Old logo                                                                              New logo

IT Wizards



Watch this space – COMING SOON!



Our School ICT Vision is 

‘Developing ICT knowledge and skills for all our futures.’                                         Our school vision for ICT has been developed by pupils in consultation with staff, parents and governors. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

ICT vision padletOur vision is that pupils at CRC will:

  • develop the digital skills that they need to use ICT now and in the future.
  • be able to use ICT and digital devices safely and responsibly.
  • use ICT to support their learning.
  • develop their understanding of how ICT equipment and applications work.
  • make informed decisions about the information on the Internet (be active users of ICT).
  • know how ICT can be used in everyday life.

What we understand by digital competency                                                                 We also discussed what we think you need to do to be digital competent. We thought you need to be able to:

  • learn how to use the basic controls of any device
  • work on a computer/ipad or another digital device
  • fix a problem on a computer/ipad
  • find relevant websites easily and carry out research
  • use apps confidently
  • be confident helping other and using the Internet ourselves
  • know how to identify and block a virus
  • know how to update software
  • write a computer language – be able to code
  • use different social media sites responsibly
  • use the Internet safely